2018 Family Fun Fest

Evergreen Conservancy is excited about participating again this year at the annual Indiana County Family Fun Fest! This year’s event will be on Saturday, March 3rd from 10am to 3pm at the Indiana Mall. The theme of the event this year is Furs, Feathers, and Fins. Evergreen’s table will include animal furs and an animal scat/tracks matching game! We’ll also be […]

What is the Indiana Bat and why is it important?

The scientific name of the Indiana bat is Myotis sodalist.  Myotis means “mouse ear” and refers to the relatively small, mouse-like ears of the bats in this group. Sodalis is the Latin word for “companion.” The Indiana bat is a very social species and large numbers cluster together during hibernation. The species is called the Indiana […]

For all you geo-cachers out there!

Great news… Our new, very cool looking, trackable geo coins for our Eco Tour are in. Check with the Tourist Bureau, Indiana Free Library, Indiana Conservation District, and Blue Spruce Park. They will be out to the other locations next week. Check our Indiana County Geo trail tab for more information.

Laurel Run Stream Restoration Completed!

          Thanks to Adam Cotchen (Indiana County Conservation District), the PA Fish and Boat Commission’s Mark Sausser and his staff, Yellow Creek State Park staff, Phil Hay and Son Excavation  Company, several PASEC and Evergreen volunteers and Eli Long from Trout Unlimited, this project was completed in one day on Sept […]

Indiana County ECO Tour Geotrail 11/4/17 Program

“Muggles” brave cold to learn about geocaching Twenty- five children and adults came to Blue Spruce Pavilion 1 on Saturday Morning November 4th to learn about geocaching.  Being cold and damp didn’t dampen their enthusiasm.  What’s a “Muggle”?  If you don’t know you probably are one. It’s anyone who is unfamiliar with geocaching.  Evergreen Conservancy […]