Coordinates and Links for Geocache trail

Our very cool Indiana County Trackable coins are in and delivered to the Tourist Bureau, BS Park, Indiana County Conservation District, and the Indiana Free Library. They will be delivered to the other locations soon.. Enjoy!

Access a list of all geocaches featured on this GeoTrail here.

Access individual geocaches by following the links (click on the name of the site) below to their respective pages on If you do not have an account on, and do not wish to make one, we have also listed the coordinates below. Please note, we recommend making a geocaching account. Cache pages give more information and helpful hints.


Fabin Brothers Farm – Growing @ Goral

  • 40°32.856’ N, 79°13.010’ W
  • Located off of Goral Road in Homer City, PA.

Trexler’s Farm –  Holy COWS!

(Grass Fed Beef)

  • 40°33.817’ N, 79°11.683’ W
  • Located off of Old Rte 56.

Wildlife Habitat

Blacklick Valley Natural Area – BVNA #2 (Wetlands Trail)

  • 40° 27.873′ N, 78° 59.496′ W
  • Located at 455 McFeaters Road, Seward, PA.

Blackleggs Cooperative Trout Nursery – Something’s Fishy 

  • 40° 31.522′ N, 79° 21.437′ W
  • Located on Dixon Road in Conemaugh Twp. If coming from the North on 286, take a left on Clarksburg Road, drive 1.5 miles, Dixon road will be on your left. Look for the Trout Nursery sign, will be on the left hand side of the road.

Yellow Creek State Park Birding Habitat – Duck, Duck, Waterfowl

  • 40°34.310’ N, 79°01.690’ W
  • Located on the Waterfowl Observatory Trail in the Day Use section of Yellow Creek State Park; 170 PA-259, Penn Run, PA


*New!* IUP Riparian Buffer/ Confluence Park  – Greens and Streams

  • 40°36.672’N,  79°9.594’W
  • Located off of Wayne Ave, Indiana, PA 15701 near the parking lot across the stream from Hilton Garden Inn

Riparian Buffer in Ambrose – Tube-ular, Dude

  • 40°46.31’ N, 79°06.60’ W
  • Located across from 2056 Ambrose Rd, Marion Center, PA; large white and green house.
  • * This site has also recently added a solar array to their barn/garage. Check it out! *

Tanoma AMD Wetlands – The Last Bridge

  • 40° 41.773′ N, 79° 02.933′ W
  • Located at 3900 Rayne Church Rd, Indiana, PA; Evergreen Conservancy’s AMD remediation site & outdoor classroom.

Waterworks Conservation Area – Batty for Wetlands

  • 40°35.727’ N, 79°10.25’ W
  • Located at 768 Waterworks Road, Indiana, PA

White Township Rain Garden – Rain Retention

  • 40°35.65’ N, 79°10.27’ W
  • Located at the White Twp Municipal Building, 950 Indiana Springs Road, Indiana, PA

White Township Recreation Complex – A Swale Thing to Do!

  • 40°37.383’N, 79°07.720’ W
  • Located at 495 E Pike Road, Indiana, PA


Citizen’s Ambulance – Warm on West Pike

  • 40°37.198′ N, 79°11.961’ W
  • Located at 2717 West Pike Rd, Indiana, PA.

Kapcoe Residence – Panels and Pipes

  • 40°34.872’ N, 78°59.981’ W
  • Located at 9800 US Rt 422, Penn Run, PA.

Solar in Smicksburg

(Smeltzer’s Solar Array – Near Little Mahoning Creek Pottery)

  • 40°52.146’ N, 79°10.17’ W
  • Located at 87 Clarion St, Smicksburg, PA.

Yellow Creek State Park Turbine and Weather Station – Earth, Wind, and Solar

  • 40°34.430’ N, 79°00.510’ W
  • Located near Environmental Learning Center and Dragonfly Pond; 170 PA-259, Penn Run, PA

Healthy Community

Blairsville Riverfront Trail – Just off the Trail

  • 40° 25.479′ N, 79° 16.221′ W
  • Use trail head located on W Brown St, Blairsville, PA

Blue Spruce Park – Hot (Cummings) Dam!

  • 40°41.360’ N, 79°09.930’ W
  • Located at 1128 Blue Spruce Road, Indiana, PA

Buttermilk Falls Natural Area – Won’t you be my neighbor?

  • 40° 25.078′ N, 79° 04.021′ W
  • Located at 570 Valley Brook Road, New Florence, PA

Floodway Park – Make Way for the Flood.

  • 40°32.687 N, 79° 09.535 W
  • Located at Floodway Park, Homer City, PA

Indiana Community Garden – Green Thumb

  • 40° 36.732’ N, 79° 09.05’ W
  • Locate in Mack Park Gardens, Indiana, PA 15701