Indiana County ECO Tour

The first phase of our Indiana County ECO tour is a geo cache trail that consists of 20 sites of environmental significance to help you learn more about our county and the environment. 

Ever heard of geocaching?

If your answer is no, you better go check it out.

A geo-trail is a series of geocaches that center around a common theme. Our geo-trail is an ECO trail that focuses on areas of environmental interest in the county.  A geocache are items hidden in a container that you have to go out and find. Sort of a global hide and seek! Join the fun!

*** All 20 caches are now in! You must have all 20 code words in your passport to receive a geocoin.***

Our Indiana County Ecotour GeoTrail went live on November 1st, 2017.GeoTrail Site Map


All the cache sites are in Indiana County and are a series of 20 geocaches you don’t want to miss.


To participate, pick up your Passport at:

(Our trackable geocoins can be found at these locations as well once the passport/ geotrail has been completed)

Indiana County Tourist Bureau

Blue Spruce Park Office

Indiana Free Library

Yellow Creek State Park Office

Blairsville Community Development Authority

Solar in Smicksburg Geocache Site


Or you can download a passport here to print out and take with you.  The best way to print it is on both sides if you can that way it prints out as a small booklet for you to have.  Once you get to the print screen the option to print double-sided will appear as well as printing in black and white if you choose not to print in color. The download passport does look a little different than the printed passport  so it is a little easier and quicker to download.

Download Passport Here

Download brochure Here








Thanks to the Indiana County Office of Planning and Development for the help in creating this map!



  • It is recommended you create an account on Accounts are free and easy to do. Once you have an account you will not only have access to all our cache sites but geocaches all over the world.
  • You can find all the sites on our Coordinates and Links page
  • A handheld GPS device or smartphone with the geocache app.
  • An official passport, found at the locations listed above or downloaded from this we site’
  • When out searching for geocache sites check the weather, dress for the weather, and plan ahead. Be safe, smart and respect your surroundings.



The passports will give you the site names, a place to list the code word you find and a few questions you can answer after finding all the sites.  Each of the 20 sites will bring you to a place in the county exemplifying one of five themes: water, land, wildlife habitat, sustainability, and healthy community. In the cache you will find information about the site and a code word that should be written in your passport. Once you’ve found all 20 caches and filled out all 20 code words, bring you passport to any participating location to receive your very own trackable Indiana County GeoCoin.


Hope to see you on the trail!

Once you have completed the Indiana County Ecotour GeoTrail, we would very much appreciate if you could fill out the survey below.

(It is required for the grant that makes this GeoTrail possible)

Thanks very much!

STAY TUNED for the next phase of our Indiana County ECOTOUR!