Board Members

Evergreen Conservancy Board of Directors

President – Cindy Rogers


Cindy is retired staff development specialist and training coordinator, twenty five years as a special education teacher. She was a board member for 7 years and then president for 1 year of Friends of the Park, Indiana, PA presenting programs on wild flowers. She is a member of the Herb Study Group of Indiana, a board member of Friends of Yellow Creek and a board member of League of Women Voters.




Vice President – Malcolm Hermann

Malcolm Hermann

Malcolm is a cartographer. He is the owner and operator of a map publishing company, Municipal Publications. He has a background in agriculture and conservation and is a member of North American Cartographic Society.






Secretary –Tara Binion 

TaraTara is a 1994 graduate of Indiana University of PA with a degree in biology. Tara worked many years in market research. And was briefly on the Indiana Borough Council. She currently works for Department of Labor and Industry.







Stacey Robertson


Stacey is a Practicing physician, associated with Indiana Regional Medical Center working at the Indiana Healthcare Physician Services Medical Center in Bolivar, PA. Her passion is helping young people learn about the natural world. She has worked with the Board of Directors with the Girl Scouts Western Pennsylvania on the Property committee for the last three years. Previously, Stacey was a Girl Scout troop leader and also worked with local Boy Scouts. She has concern for wise use of resources and preserving wild areas for future generations.




Paul Yacovone

Paul Yacavone

Paul comes to the board with a varied background of experience. He served on the U.S. Department of Interior Appalachian Regional Reforestation Initiative. He was a reclamation specialist for abandoned mine lands, dealing with government agencies from local to federal levels. He volunteers his time to do water testing and monitoring for PASEC and is currently helping out with Evergreen’s water monitoring installations and data downloading. He always helps with whatever environmental and preservation project needs his help.





Dan Boone

Dan Boone

Dan is a retired professor in the Philosophy Department at IUP from 1969—2005. He has two patent applications filed for a new type of vertical-axis wind turbine and a novel hybrid electric vehicle that uses renewable cellulose fuel.





John Dudash

John Dudash

John is a strong advocate and protector for the environment and has worked as a liaison between local environmental groups and the Pennsylvania Fish and Boat Commission, the Department of Environmental Protection, and the Department of Conservation and Natural Resources. He is president of the Senior Environmental Corp and a member of Ken Sink Chapter of Trout Unlimited.




Bob Lankard

Bob Lankard

Bob is a retired manager of Indiana Job Center after a 37-year career in the employment business.  He writes a job search advice column for the Indiana Gazette and other newspapers. He is a member of the PA Senior Environmental Corps.  He served as board member and volunteer with Indiana Community Action Program Member of Calvary Evangelical Free Church and was involved with Boy Scout Troop 11.




Tim Slippy

Tim Slippy

Tim is a volunteer with Exceptional Adventures. He has a bachelor degree at IUP and is working on his Masters in public administration. He worked as a printing press operator for 12 years with Gazette Printers and a printing company in Pittsburgh for a number of years.





 Becky Snyder

???????????????????????????????Becky recently retired as the General Manager from Fluid Recovery Services in Creekside, PA after 30 years in the oil and gas industry. She has a B.S. degree in Biology from Indiana University of Pennsylvania and currently is a member of the Environmental Committee of the Pennsylvania Independent Oil and Gas Association. She is also the Treasurer for the West Penn Energy Association, an energy education non-profit association.




Mike Tyree
mike tyree

Michael Tyree is an assistant professor of Plant Applied Ecology within the Department of Biology at IUP. Mike earned his B.S. in forest biology from Penn State University and an M.S and Ph.D. from Virginia Tech. Academic interests include understanding the impact of land-use change and climate change on ecosystem carbon cycling, restoration ecology, and disturbance ecology. Mike has formally taught dendrology (tree id) over the last five years while teaching at Louisiana Tech University. Additionally, Mike has participated in a number of community outreach opportunities using tree identification as a tool to generate interest in natural resource conservation.




Dave Janeski 

Dave at YellowstoneDr. Janetski is an Assistant Professor of Biology at Indiana University of Pennsylvania (IUP), where he has been for two years. (B.S., M.S. and Ph.D. in Biology) His has done research focused on Pacific salmon and the great lakes, postdoctoral research on spatiotemporal patterns of fish community structure. At IUP, Dr. Janetski’ research program prepares students for successful careers in aquatic ecology and conservation. He enjoys fishing, birding, photography, and being outdoors with his family.




nicole Nicole Kelley


Nicole  is a geoscience student at Indiana University of Pennsylvania, focusing on near surface hydrogeophysics and water conservation. Before attending IUP, Nicole taught in the New York City and Pittsburgh public schools, specializing in elementary math and science curriculum. She currently lives in Latrobe, Pennsylvania



OSM/VISTA – Jamie Douthit – November 2016 to 2017


IMG_4065Jamie is our AmeriCorps VISTA volunteer for the 2016-2017 year. She graduated from the University of Delaware in May with a degree in Environmental Science. She has a passion for working with people and is hoping to make a lasting difference in the community!






Our Accountant is Bean Counters in Indiana, PA.

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