What’s Buggin’ Our Trees?

Evergreen Conservancy will be presenting its fall program “What’s Buggin’ Our Trees: challenges to our forest health” on Friday September 29th at 7pm in the Blue Spruce Lodge at Blue Spruce Park.  Come learn about how our forests are changing in response to invasive pests and how we can respond.

The program will include an introduction of some relatively recent attacks we have seen in western PA such as the disappearance of American chestnut from our upland forests and the rapid decline of American elm and ash. We will also look at threats to our state tree the “eastern hemlock” and current efforts to restore American chestnut back to our forests.

The program will be presented by IUP professor Dr. Mike Tyree. Dr. Tyree is an Assistant Professor of Plant Physiological Ecology in the Department of Biology. His research focuses on the effect of disturbance on plant gas exchange and the forest carbon cycle.

Hope to see you there!